NHL Hockey Betting Trends in 2023


NHL Hockey Betting Trends in 2023

When betting on hockey, it is important to examine NHL betting lines, statistics, and betting trends. NHL trends provide valuable insights into how teams have historically performed in specific game situations. While not all betting trends guarantee success, our trends are relevant and effective tools for handicapping, enabling you to make informed predictions.

Betting trends for hockey can assist in making NHL picks by providing information on various factors, such as a team's performance against the puckline at home, their record on the road against divisional opponents, their performance on the East or West Coast, and how they perform after a loss.

The trends mentioned above are highly valuable handicapping information, particularly the NHL puckline trends, which can be likened to the Sidney Crosby of betting trends. However, it is important to exercise caution when considering trends listed below, as they are comparable to the Rick DiPietro of betting trends. While they may be entertaining, these facts do not contribute to making intelligent NHL picks.

It is advisable to disregard trends of the following nature:

  • The scoring performance of a team when wearing white uniforms against an Atlantic Division team in February.
  • The team's performance when playing against a division rival while the city's NFL team is also playing.
  • How a team performs based on Don Cherry's choice of suit resembling a car collision.
  • The team's performance when an angry penalized player swears in French while serving time in the penalty box.
  • These trends may be amusing but hold no relevance in making informed NHL picks.
If you aim to make well-informed hockey predictions, it is recommended to refer to our Betting Trends page, as it provides trends based on a specific sample size of a team's games, rather than irrelevant occurrences. While it is true that Don Cherry may wear a suit resembling a car collision every week, it is not a reliable indicator of a team's performance. Therefore, it is essential to focus on meaningful trends derived from actual gameplay when making educated NHL picks.

To enhance your NHL picks, we recommend visiting our Betting Trends page to access valuable information. Any available handicapping data can assist you in making intelligent wagers. Regardless of whether you are new to hockey betting or an experienced NHL picks enthusiast, our Odds Shark insights can aid in making well-informed betting decisions.

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